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Geek Culture
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Website of the Day: Clever Commute

An article in this weekend's New York Times exposed "BlackBerry as a Weapon in the Fight to Commute," showcasing a website called Clever Commute, which allows users to exchange e-mail messages with fellow riders to ease and speed their commute.

You use your Smartphone to navigate delays via timely info from people making the same trip as you. Right now the free service is only available for people living in New York and Chicago, but the company plans on expanding their coverage. We can all agree that gridlock traffic is awful, so sites like Clever Commute definately point to a future of more informed driving.

To learn how to post your favorite sites to the Website of the Day group,

I know that this long list looks scary, but trust me, once you get the hang of it, it'll be a snap the second time around.

  1. First of all, join the Website of the Day group
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Join The Conversation
sherbear5 sherbear5 9 years
awesome dude
rlveronica rlveronica 9 years
That's cool!
jdots24 jdots24 9 years
this looks useful. But it's not just people sending emails during their drive to work? That sound dangerous.
Leopardcc Leopardcc 9 years
Can't use it but it's still cool!
Nitrobezene Nitrobezene 9 years
I'm sure that service would be appreciated everywhere.. Guess I'll just wait. :)
Liz4aker Liz4aker 9 years
I wish they had it for Atlanta traffic, but then it is awful all over the city so a message would be kind of pointless.
beingtazim beingtazim 9 years
sounds...clever. :) has anyone tried it out yet?
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