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Website Of The Day:

I love getting snail mail. I can get 100 e-mails in a day and return home to find a new magazine, UPS box or even a card from my grandma and my spirits are instantly lifted. What I don't love, is junk mail and saying I get a lot of it is an understatement. I get loads of it. Recycling bins full of it. offers tips to help you keep your mailbox clean and save a lot of resources and trees in the process. In fact, Americans cut down 100,000,000 trees and waste 28,000,000,000 gallons of water every year for junk mail. GreenDimes is trying to put a dent in that number - one piece of mail at a time.

GreenDimes automates the "get me off the list stat" process, so instead of millions of people sending millions of letters (which creates more waste), they save everyone time and money. Apparently, the site has the most up-to-date contact information for the junk mailers and will constantly communicate with the companies, on your behalf, to make sure you stay off the lists. What's even better? They plant a tree for each member every month! You can join for anything from $3 to $360. Money well spent.

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Tech Tech 10 years
True. I just like the fact that they plant a tree for every member, it seems like something worth paying for.
bto bto 10 years
Just so you know...GreenDimes looks like a nonprofit, but is actually a for-profit company. Yes, they can remove your name from certain mailing lists, but you can do the same for free at the DMA website. Also, if you look at GreenDimes' website, they make no guarantees that junk mail will stop.
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