My best friend lives a good 35 minutes from me and doesn't drive so getting together often rests on my shoulders. While I love seeing her, parking in her neighborhood is awful and I usually end up in a grumpy mood before I even see her.

When I learned about Happy Median, a website that was founded with the intention of making it easier for people to find a place to meet, I decided it was worth testing out. All you have to do is tell them where everyone in your party is coming from (you can search from up to four addresses or zip codes) and the site generates a list of places that are located right in the happy median between everyone.

Generally the site's results give you various types of places to meet, from restaurants and bars to coffee shops and lodging. I found it underperformed with my search in San Francisco, only offering a list of seemingly random restaurants I had never heard of. Where the site did exceed my expectations was a larger search. When I inquired about a happy median place between San Francisco and New York City I was treated to a whole collection of of spots in Kansas and Nebraska. Now if I ever want to meet up with my college roommate, I'll know to wear Ruby slippers.

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