Twitter, Facebook, blog posts, and text messages can often convey thoughts and ideas in a small, constrained number of words. While reading short bits of information may be informative and even helpful at times, there's still a place for long form journalism, even if it isn't at the forefront of popular media. But if you're looking for a longer piece to read — even just to fill a set amount of time — there's a new site to help indulge your curiosity. Longreads, a just-launched site devoted to cataloging longer but still newsworthy journalistic works, launched originally as a Twitter feed and has now morphed into a larger site.

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The Longreads database contains a growing archive of long, newsworthy, and relevant stories available online, tagged by category and length. Search for a particular subject (like "Steve Jobs") to return relevant results. Or, if you're looking to fill a 45-minute public transportation commute, search the stories by the length of time it takes you to read them. According to the site's creator, "The web is not yet organized in a way that recognizes that there is more than one type of text-based web content. There’s quick, snackable stuff, formulated for 5-minute scanning between checking your email and getting some real work done." Longreads is aimed at pulling the longer, still relevant, and enjoyable content from the web, and categorizing it in a way that allows the reader to enjoy it at their leisure — on a couch, on a train, or anywhere else where you can spare more than five minutes to read a thoughtful piece. I love it!

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