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Website of the Day: My Super Proposal

In this installment of Geeky Guys Do Crazy Things When They're In Love, Rand Fishkin had been wanting to propose to his girlfriend for a while and suddenly realized "this was the girl for me for now and forever." Being a huge NFL fan he figured the best way to do it would be to propose to her on the big game - in front of 130 million viewers. (In case you're wondering, that just happens to be the largest audience of witnesses to an engagement in history.)

Rand raised more than $75,000 from his website Super Proposal, but the Super Bowl ads for 2007 sold out and after a media blitz (it's beyond me how his girlfriend didn't find out) and offers from advertisers to make the proposal happen, he opted to air a homemade proposal video during Veronica Mars, which is his gal's favorite show. To see the video of her reacting, which may quite possibly change your life,

This is what she saw before freaking out:

For those of you wondering about the funds, the couple is planning to donate the funds to Vanderbilt Children’s Hospital - one of the nation’s most important facilities for sick and suffering kids. "I’ve never wanted to make money out of this project; just make a proposal, so unless the funds can somehow help with that goal, they’re going to Vanderbilt."

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iheartfooty iheartfooty 10 years
I'd be shocked but happy.......sometimes love makes you do daft things!! LOL and sending dosh to a hospital....that's just amazing that
DCStar DCStar 10 years
How would you feel if your boyfriend proposed on TV? I'm not a crazy overreactor but I might have if my guy had popped up on the screen! That's overwhelming.
Fitness Fitness 10 years
That is so very cute. Her reaction is so over the top. I love that he had such an elaborate scheme to propose. of luck to the lovely couple.
Pinkrabbit Pinkrabbit 10 years
Oh man that is so great! I think I would do the same thing she did. Freak out forever but be so happy. that was nice.
macsugar macsugar 10 years
so sweet. loved this... "so, do you wanna get married?" "yeah, but right now i think i'm gonna puke..."
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