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Website Of The Day:

One of the main pushes at this year's Consumer Electronics Show, which came to a close today in Las Vegas, was a focus on energy-efficient TVs, solar-powered chargers and environment-friendly computers. In an effort to showcase the effort the Consumer Electronics Association, the governing body that puts on CES, launched a website aimed at promoting responsible use, reuse and recycling of electronics. Personally, I'm thrilled the industry is taking it upon itself to create eco-friendly options and tips for consumers - even if much of the effort comes from legislation. Every effort counts.

The website is a must-see for any gadget lover that upgrades his or her collection yearly - leaving a mess of unwanted electronics that are usually not biodegradable. For some MyGreenElectronics tips, just

The saying "one person's junk is another person's treasure" couldn't be more true. Older products can be put to good use. Many charities, community programs and schools are in dire need. Through the eBay Rethink initiative, you can sell, donate, and find more options for recycling your used electronics. This is especially important for those of us that find the need to buy all the hottest gadgets, and end up with a pile of things we don't know what to do with.

Responsible, energy-conscious use of electronics not only saves energy, but it can save you money.

  • Look for the "ENERGY STAR" label on major electronics - particularly kitchen appliances and computers . It can help you identify energy-efficient appliances and other electronic products. Check out for searchable approved products.
  • Unplug mobile phone or PDA chargers when batteries are fully charged or when the chargers are not in use.
  • Be power-wise with your PC. Most personal computers have management features that control energy use.
  • When you’re finished watching a movie or playing a video game, don’t forget to turn off your DVD player or video game console as well as the television itself.
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