When it comes to geeky and nerdy shirts, Nerdyshirts.com more than lives up to its name. The site offers a charming lineup of vintage chic geeky shirts that won't break the bank (they are all about $20) and you can probably bet on the fact that you'll be the only person you know with the design.
As legend has it the website was started after friends named Myke and Jacob were sitting by a pool and their conversation about Google was cut short when a shadow was cast in front of them. They looked up and saw a portly figure. Blinded by the unforgiving sun, they could only make out his silhouette. As their pupils strained to adjust, they could see his shirt. Then, as quickly and mysteriously as he appeared, he was gone. He most likely disappeared into thin air, although he might have cannon balled into the pool. Though Myke and Jacob's encounter was brief, they remembered one thing - his shirt. "We should make some awesome nerdy shirts," the two said. And they did.