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Website of the Day: Podlove Project

I've been to two weddings for couples that met online and know a handful of people that got sick and tired of meeting dates at bars and work functions so they turned to online dating services in search of true love. Like it or not, the internet has profoundly changed the way we interact with one another, strangers and even potential love interests. The Podlove project explores how digital communications affect relationships between lovers, friends or strangers.

A series of five documentaries produced by Australian filmmakers, you can get downloadable Podlove documentaries as well as join forums to talk about the series and phenomenon on the website. I guess it's not weird for me to google my ex and every cute guy I meet - I mean everyone is doing it. For more about the unique, 21st century tales of love and friendship,

The 3G Of Us
Divorce is particularly difficult when there are children involved. The constant back and forth between parent's houses can take its toll on the children. Advents in technology have impacted on co-parenting and communication between separated parties. 3G of Us looks at emerging forms of communication through the eyes of those that have been born and raised with the technology. Uma, a six year-old is the narrator and guides us through an animated world of her drawings and memories: clips that she has captured using her videophone. Watch: The 3G Of Us

Love Like Blood
Sarah-Jane, AKA Ms Rouge, recounts her true tale of romantic intrigue in an animated comedy of errors about poetry, stalking, secret-admirers and love. She is elated when she finds an anonymous poem slipped under her door, for at the same time she is wooing a friend with love letters via text message, post and email. Could the stalkee and stalker be the very same person? Watch: Love Like Blood

For the rest of the stories check out the Podlove website.

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