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Website of the Day: SavvyAuntie

Not a mama yet, and can't really justify all that time you spend on lilsugar?

SavvyAuntie is here for you when you have little ones in your life that don't exactly belong to you, but through godparenthood or aunthood, you love them as if they were your own. But even though you love them that much, it doesn't mean you'll know exactly what to do when your beloved nephew poops his pants in your lap, or what to get a 3-year-old girl for her birthday.

SavvyAuntie helps with this kid stuff from the aunt's perspective, filling you in on what to know and do with with your beloved young ones when you're lucky enough to be around them.

And once you do figure out which direction the baby wipes go, SavvyAuntie encourages you to post your own pictures and advice!


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