Ever wonder how much your fantastically wealthy uncle's home is worth, or what it would cost for you to up and move to another state? Zillow.com offers real estate specs on 67,000,000 homes in the US.

The idea for the site was hatched in 2005 when two geeks' dream business evolved from the desire to make zillions of data points for homes accessible to everyone. The site helps buyers (or snoops) find homes and compare values, while sellers can price homes and post homes. Agents can also list their homes free of charge.

Why do I love the site? Just

I love the site because so many of us are used to researching every move we make online, but there aren't a ton of accurate and easy real estate sites that aren't pushing a sale. You get clean and clear data and can do your comparison shopping without a real estate agent telling you why you need the house.