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Website Howcast Uses Videos to Teach

Website of the Day: Howcast

Share time: A challenge I deal with as a geek is learning to do things by just reading instructions about them. Truth be told, I am totally a visual learner and would rather learn that way, but have long since given up on trying to get everything that way. Mainly because things like the web, manuals, and just about everything else worth learning to do is based on written material (although I completely gave up on learning the guitar this way years ago. Poor, lonely guitar in my closet, I'm sorry).

A great site called Howcast lets me get back to those visual roots, by posting videos of people teaching you/performing how to do something. For stuff like crafting — I want to learn to knit super bad, for instance, but don't have time to find and take a class — there's no better way to learn than by someone actually showing you. Hey guitar, you calling my name?

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HowToHeather HowToHeather 9 years
I heart Howcast! Have you seen our crazy gadget hack videos? I think GeekSugar will simply love them! Especially the one starring our adorable gal geek - Megan: Thanks for the mention GeekSugar...we're big fans!
scully22 scully22 9 years
Cool post :) Can't wait to look around some more thanks Zayrah!
Zayrah Zayrah 9 years
I have to admit, after only five minutes of looking at the site, I found several things I plan on looking into more for the learning. I love it.
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