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This Week On Geeksugar - Computer In A Gameboy?

  • In a possible effort to out geek iBoy, aka the boy who fit his iPod into his Gameboy, a man has managed to put a complete computer into a trusty little handheld. Geek Puts Complete Computer In His Gameboy
  • Word is, USB fashion makers have transferred their attention from USB sushi and egg flash drives to more wheaty and meaty USB delights. Freshly Baked USB Devices - Food Court Treats Galore
  • New "health" gadget on the scene: $200 battery-powered electronic cigarette that you smoke just like the real thing - only it delivers nicotine as a vapor. Electronic Cigarette - Pricey Way To Kick Butts
  • Most of us can no longer consider a life without the internet, technology or even access to electricity. Imagine if you powered up using car batteries in the home, and businesses such as bars ran off car batteries or their own power generators. How Do You Charge Up Without Electricity?
  • If you, or anyone you know is looking for a new place to live, you'd better check out, a mashup of Google Maps and that will help you find apartments, houses for rent, sublets or whatever living arrangement you are looking. Site Combines Google Maps And Craigslist
  • It doesn't take much to sell me on energy saving gadgets or the fact that we should all be monitoring our energy use, but I'm still unsure what I think about Blackle, a custom Google search that claims to save energy simply "because the screen is predominantly black." Website of the Day: Blackle
  • There are hundreds of bloggers I admire for their tenacity, drive, humor and innovative ideas, but very few who embody the combination of artistry, sarcasm and wit that 14, the founder of Gallery of the Absurd does. Geeky Girl We Love: 14 of Gallery of the Absurd
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ewdpl ewdpl 9 years
Yes, there are several things going on with blackle, but people tend to forget that there is more need of user interactivity then the stupid blackle itself. Now the age is of VIDEOS users are not going to shift from google to blackle just like that. There is a site named that gives the option to search videos as well as as the regular web search. I think I would bookmark this site , because it gives the option to see any video in the same page without moving your ass!
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