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Tech Tips
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This Week On Geeksugar - Hello Kitty Fan Anyone?

  • With the iPhone's release quickly approaching, it will be interesting to see what marketing schemes are used to increase its visibility so to speak. We've already seen the official Apple iPhone commercial but will we be seeing any images like this one I created (yes, that's right people it's FAKE) in magazines such as Stuff and FHM?
  • If you are hoping for a little bundle of joy in nine months, the iOvulate calculator is an interesting software tool for aiding in pregnancy, and well, is just plain entertaining. This calculator will help you determine which days you are more fertile so you can achieve pregnancy, based on calculations of your menstrual cycles. Yeah, sorry guys, this one is for the ladies...
  • one, camera two, back to camera one. The person who made this 360 degree camera must have wanted eyes on the back of their head, or they had a few too many disposal cameras to play with.
  • Remember when the VCR came out, then the DVD player and then the VCR/DVD combo player? Now there's the latest combo- the microwave and the flat panel LCD TV duo.
  • Have you ever wondered what geeks do to keep their physiques so hot? According to Buzzfeed, you too can unencrypt their secret to weight loss, without taking a single computer science course (unless, of course, you need some thinspo).
  • Jamie Foxx may be a ladies man, but by the looks of it he's also a tech man too! He was spotted heading to his 'Unpredictable' after-party in Toronto this past weekend with a whole lot of gadgets.
  • Now, the caffeine-craving masses can send a text message with the area's zip code to MYSBUX (or 697289), and a list of nearby Starbucks stores will pop back.
  • This month's Wired Magazine features a list of the best six geek bars in the US that can't be missed if you're a bar-going geek. You think pick up lines like "you make me want to upgrade my Tivo" and "by looking at you I can tell you're 36-25-36, which by the way are all perfect squares" work better in these places?
  • Sanrio, the experts of Hello Kitty gear, have just unveiled a new Hello Kitty electronic fan. In comparison to the girl holding it, I'm going to assume that this thing is ginormous!
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