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Geek Culture
Harry Potter Tattoos That Would Make J.K. Rowling Proud
Geek Culture
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Presidential Inauguration
Michelle Obama's Reaction to Melania Trump's Gift Is Basically Meme GOLD

This Week On Geeksugar - OMG! I Got An iPhone!

  • Before I actually got a real iPhone I made a parody video of the Nintendo 64 kid who went nutsy over his new gift circa 1996. Nearly 80 percent of the people online didn't get it and presumed it was some sort of viral marketing campaign from Apple - something they don't even do. One thing is for certain: It will make you LOL. OMG! I Got An iPhone!
  • Do geeks love more than talking shop about pixels? Eating delicious and forward-thinking candy, of course. Edible Geek: Pixel Block Chocolates
  • What do you do if you are a company like Sprint and your competitor launches a product that has inspired shirtless camping efforts, tribute videos and lots and lots of talk? Cult Of Mac Speaks: Sprint’s Missing iPhone Rebuttal
  • Photography guru Andre Gunther has put together a great list of the The Ten Most Common Photographic Mistakes. Topping the list is cluttered images, which attempt to capture too much. Most Common Photography Mistakes
  • If you have a pet name for your computer like "snuckems" or "magic machine" you may not be alone. According to a recent study conducted by Sega and iShare, more than two out of five Japanese women regularly have conversations with their computers. Do You Talk To Your Computer Or Call It Names?
  • While she may play neurotic high-powered women on film, actress Parker Posey is decidedly ungeeky. In fact, if the interview she recently did with Switched is any indication, she abhors gadgets all together. Parker Posey: Not A Geek, Still Chic
  • Who says Oscar winning actresses can't be gamers? Nintendo has picked Nicole Kidman to lead a print and television ad campaign for "More Brain Training from Dr Kawashima: How Old Is Your Brain?" Nicole Kidman Crowned New DS Spokeswoman
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