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This Week On Geeksugar - World’s Largest Multi-Touch Screen

  • I should have guessed that the unveiling of Microsoft's interactive Surface table would launch a techie showdown of all the touch-screens out there. I didn't know it would be this big. World’s Largest Multi-Touch Screen
  • You only have one more day to find your dad or father figure a delightful Father's Day treat. Of course, the good news is most dads are geeks. Father's Day Gift Guide: Part 2 (Reader's Choice)
  • If you're a Google user, you can now go ballistic and pimp your Google Calendar with Google's Calendar gallery. The new gallery will allow anyone with a Google account to add various events and reminders to their calendars. Geek Tip: Using Google Calendar Gallery
  • We already know that everyone and their mother ends up putting their new albums on their computer and MP3 player after purchasing them, so why not buy them on a pretty USB drive you can use later instead of a CD that will likely get scratched? Get White Stripes Album Via USB Device
  • There are some accessories that really do make me feel sexy - new cute heels, a sleek clutch, even new gadgets - but the Sexy Underwear Cell Phone Strap from Strapyaworld are a little more than I can handle. Totally Geeky or Geek Chic? Sexy Cell Phone Charm
  • A recent AT&T study found that women are catching up with men when it comes to cell phone usage, but men still spend more time on their cell phones than women. Who Talks More On Cell Phones: Men Or Women?
  • Apparently, Japan is faced with a rapidly aging and shrinking population right now and in an effort to combat the alarming rates, employers are offering workers "baby bonuses" in the form of cash and cell phones. Cells And Cash Offered In Exchange For Parenthood
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