After months of playing coy with the press, EveR-2 Muse, the world's first entertainer-robot, has finally shown her many, creepy faces. Designed by KITEC (Korea Institute of Industrial Technology), EveR-2 Muse was first introduced to the world last October at the Robot World 2006 at COEX in Seoul, and is apparently quite the singer.

According to the Korea Times, EveR2-Muse has the "appearance of a typical Korean woman in her 20s, can talk and sing, thanks to an embedded dialogue engine." She sang the new Korean ballad "I Will Close My Eyes For You" during the opening ceremony of the robot festival. For more about EveR2-Muse - and a full body shot, just

Korea Times says: EveR2-Muse, which received enthusiastic applause, will see her singing career flourish; she is scheduled to appear on television and star in music videos.

The robot has motor functions, enabling her to walk, stand up and sit down. Her predecessor, EveR-1, was stationary and couldn’t move. Also, EveR-2 is larger than EveR-1 - 165 centimeters and 60 kilograms versus 160 centimeters and 55 kilograms.

You all know I love a geeky girl, but this may be too much!