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What Is Amazon Silk Web Browser?

An Explanation of Amazon's Silk Browser

Along with a slew of Kindle devices, Amazon's CEO Jeff Bezos also unveiled a new browser made just for Amazon's Kindle Fire device called Silk. Amazon Silk is a new kind of browser, as it is split up into two parts — the browser you see on your tablet, and one part that lives in the cloud.

Amazon is able to drastically cut down load times on webpages thanks to this new technology. How many times have you been sitting and waiting for your tablet or phone to load a webpage and wished that you had a better connection or network? With Amazon Silk, you won't need a better network connection because Amazon's cloud servers are doing most of the heavy lifting — rendering and downloading images, for example — for your device. Jon Jenkins, Amazon's director of software development, puts it best:

"Think of your web browser as a small store for some of the commonly accessed files that you use to browse the web. What we've done is extend that using the Amazon computing cloud to create a virtually limitless cache that can store the common files such as images, javascript, and CSS, that are used to render the webpages you view every day. Because we've built this cache on top of the Amazon utility computing systems, it doesn't take a single byte of storage on the actual device itself. That provides a much better user experience."

Even crazier, the Amazon Silk browser analyzes aggregate user behaviors when browsing the web and can actually predict which webpage you might visit next and start downloading it before you even go there. Amazon used the example of The New York Times in its video, saying that if visitors to The New York Times homepage often visit the business section next, Silk will start downloading the page and optimizing it for your device before you actually need it.

Hear the developers talk about Silk in their own words in a demo video after the break.

Although Silk is exclusive to the Kindle Fire as of now, I'm hoping that Amazon will expand it to other devices.

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