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What Did Santa Bring You This Christmas?

While some people suffer a bit of an emotional crash after the holiday buzz subsides, us geeks have just gotten a dose of the best upper ever: new gadgets! December and January have officially become what I like to call my "research, upload and update" months, as I learn the intricacies of all the goodies I got for Christmas and start planning all the fun projects I can use them for.

Let's go bookmark the unique new gadgets and techie products we got this holiday season in the Geek Gear section. That way we can check out the cool new cameras, PDAs, MP3 players and computers on the market and swap useful tips and tricks.

Be sure to come back and tell me that your Geek Gear is up, or just tag your selections with "My new gadget."

To learn what a Geek Gear is and how to make one, click here.

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Butrfly4404 Butrfly4404 10 years
We got a docking station/alarm clock for our iPods. The display is way too bright to be in our room (I DON"T need a nightlight!), but it is so awesome to be able to listen to my podcasts out loud. Also, got the man some fitting headphones so he could throw his modified-by-masking-tape ones AWAY.
YaoMing YaoMing 10 years
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting I got a rock...
bjornwinner bjornwinner 10 years
i got a set of speakers to hook up to y macintosh™ airport express® in our kitchen. we did it --but realized that we would have to buy another airport (i think--geeksugar, let me know!) to connect to the receiver/speakers in the other room to make them play simultaneously from my computer (also connected to the receiver). i know this is terribly complex to describe in words. so we're getting some WIRELESS speakers and connecting the unit to the receiver and just putting the speakers on top of shelves in our kitchen. no wires! fun! i'll geekgear find them.
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