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What Do You Think About Shared E-Mail Accounts?

Last week my mother forwarded me a message from a woman who is a friend of our family and I realized she has a joint e-mail account with her husband. That is to say, her e-mail was her name, plus her husband's name, plus their last name. The address made me question their autonomy and wonder why two smart, independent people would create a joint e-mail account.

While I honestly don't have anything to hide, I can't ever imagine sharing an e-mail address with my husband. I mean, can't our friends just CC us? I tried to consider the fact that people send snail mail to couples all the time, but the fact that you have to sign in to get e-mail makes it seem more personal. What do you think, are shared e-mail accounts cute or strange?


beingtazim beingtazim 10 years
i think its weird because i never know who i am talking/writing to and who is writing to me. my cousin and her husband have a joint account and i just don't like it. it actually makes me not want to write to them
mirage0780 mirage0780 10 years
Me and my husband each have our own in addition to having a joint one. The only purpose of the joint account is to keep up with the house, electric and cable bills and emails so we're both aware of what is coming up.
macgirl macgirl 10 years
I think it's more like shared email accounts being equivalent to having a shared cell phone. Once again things I only see technologically challenged people doing. I'm sure it works out good for many people but for me, I'm going to pass. BTW my parents have a shared email account and my grandparents have a shared cell.
perpetuallysarah perpetuallysarah 10 years
It's a source of accountability but then again anyone can open several email accounts. I bet a lot of these couples with shared email accounts also have one of their own as well.
jennifer76 jennifer76 10 years
Oh, and can I say that I don't really understand the difference between a shared email account and a shared home telephone line. We don't have a landline, but for those who do, who has two separate landlines set up in their house?
jennifer76 jennifer76 10 years
My husband and I have a shared email account, and I don't think it's either cute or strange. It's practical. He doesn't do computers, so he could either be completely unreachable by email or he can share mine. I suppose I could set up two separate email addresses that feed into the same box, but what's the point?
ninjastarlett ninjastarlett 10 years
it's kinda cute but it seems really unnecessary.
macgirl macgirl 10 years
I'm really hoping this is just something that less savvy people do. Otherwise it's kind of like going to the bathroom together, too much togetherness is just odd ;-) My husband and I do have some accounts we both get copies of, but to share an inbox just feels wrong.
poizenisxkandee poizenisxkandee 10 years
okay multiple example time! 1. my aunt and uncle. not the most tech savvy but not computer illiterate either. its just much easier, since they both use email to keep in touch with relatives; for them to have their initials+last name @ 2. myself and my boyfriend. both pretty techno savvy; balancing multiple email accounts for different things. one serious sounding one for colleges and work and simplicity purposes, a personal one for friends and myspace and facebook and such, one for signing up to websites im not sure i want notification emails for but at least i have them, etc. and since we are both geeky; he has his own domain name, and he has; and i have recently recieved it is geek love, when its done in that formation. i dont use it for apps or employers or anything; but for notes to each other ( aww ) or emailing homework to myself. but its not like we share it, though he does have access to it i guess. whatever. 3. my friend and her boyfriend. my friend, not so techsavvy, her bf; pretty tech savvy. she hardly checks her email so we usually call or text her to get in touch. he has multiple emails he checks all the time. it doesnt really make sense to integrate or create an email for them to share. whatever
Linny Linny 10 years
My parents have one email address. They had a comcast address that had their names in it for a while. Then they moved and they got one with the boat's name in it. Neither of them use email enough to need their own addresses. Those two are so attached to each other that there's hardly any need for more than one email address. My dad has a separate one for work and my mom probably does too.
rapture1 rapture1 10 years
kind of precious when old people do it, kind of creepy when young people do it.
shini shini 10 years
good for emails from family friends notifying about events and such but not for personal use. Just because you're married doesn't mean you're actually just one person.
veronicaraye veronicaraye 10 years
simple, but it causes more problems then one would think.
maleea maleea 10 years
I think it is pretty strange and I know for my boyfriend and I it wouldn't be an option. It's not even manageable. However, my grandfather is 80 years old and he recently got married and him and his new wife set up a joint email, in their instance I think it's a little more understandable. However, I still thinks it's strange because I'll get emails from him but it's her name in the subject line and that's just weird.
cleegiants cleegiants 10 years
i don't necessarily see a problem with people sharing an account - for general household matters like bills/finance stuff. however, i would always want to maintain a personal account for personall matters. also, if you shopped online for a gift for your sig.other, you don't want them to see the receipt!
Nitrobezene Nitrobezene 10 years
I think everyone should have their own separate e-mail accounts. I don't think the significant other needs to know everything that comes in the mail. It's their business and they should respect it!
BobMac BobMac 10 years
I just have innocent things to hide from my wife. I don't want her seeing receipts for gifts that I bought her, for example. I also don't open addressed to her.
MandyJoBo MandyJoBo 10 years
Grandparents: yes Other people: no If someone gave me a joint email address, I wouldn't email them. Do they get on the phone and listen in while the other is talking, too? Same thing in my opinion. There isn't anything to hide, but I think it's rude to "team up" on friends and family who just want to say hi or tell you about Aunt Annie's operation. Obviously people on HIS side would email him and people on HER side would email her. If they can't communicate, they have more pressing issues than email.
CanadianInVA CanadianInVA 10 years
I think it depends on what generation it is. My parents have the same email account, which I don't think is strange at all. But, I could never share one with my husband.
kytiara7 kytiara7 10 years
I'm sure for many people a shared account would work out well, but I could never do it -- much like the bathroom, I also want my email private! :) My geeky husband set us up our own domain, and set up an alias of for that points to both of our email addresses, so that we can have a "shared" account that actually isn't!
starofsorrow starofsorrow 10 years
As long as they have their own personal email accounts if they're tech-saavy, I have no problem with it. In fact, I'd like to do that if I get married, so that bills and important family announcements go to the joint so we're both in the know about what happens, and don't have to keep track of what we forward or didn't forward to each other.
piesecki piesecki 10 years
The only people I know with a shared email are my grandparents, but then as two people in thir seventies I'm just hugely impressed they email at all! I can understand having a joint email to use for bills or a joint bank account or similar, but considering most people these days have a work email and several personal email addresses *each* it seems really unusual that people would have just one joint address.
facin8me facin8me 10 years
My husband and I have a joint e-mail account (in addition to having our own personal accounts). It's great because we have all of our bank account and billing statements sent to our joint email address, so we both know what's going on. Also, family announcements are sent to that address, so neither one of us miss out on anything. Some of you are saying "why don't people just send email to you separately?" In reality, that doesn't work out. My husband has a huge family that has a hard enough time keeping track of one email address- two would be right out.
dkdc77 dkdc77 10 years
my sister and her husband share one, but they are both soooo not tech savvy. they rarely go online, so for her it makes sense, and her husband will check it b/c she forgets to. of course it makes for an interesting conversation when she emails me about a fight they are having and i respond... i don't think she knows about the emails being stored in a sent folder!
chrisTyyy chrisTyyy 10 years
Why would you need a joint account? E-mail accounts are free and easy to use.
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