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What to Do With Your Wedding Website — After the Reception

So you went to all that trouble to create a wedding website, uploaded photos, maps, write cute stories about how you met and about your wedding party — are you supposed to just let it turn into Internet dust? I'm sure you've thought to post your honeymoon photos on the site after the party, but have you thought about buying your domain (try GoDaddy) and then transferring your stuff into a blog?

Keep your family updated on your married life (but not too updated, you don't want to TMI Aunt Martha), and then, if you start a family, keep everyone abreast of that, too!

If you decide to buy your domain, and keep a blog about your new life (or simply photos), you could include a small card telling your guests as such in thank-you cards.

Why should just engaged couples have all the fun?


cheekycheeky cheekycheeky 9 years
We used
codewhiz codewhiz 9 years
Mine is only accessible by password so it's not out there for the general public to see, but I can still look at it whenever I want since more than 3 years later I remember how to log in. Anyway it says I have -1183 days until my wedding. :P
redsugar redsugar 9 years
We had one for our wedding in 2000. We saved it to CD and shut it down.
kcwebgirl kcwebgirl 9 years
i doubt i'd keep this up. who cares what we're doing once we're married? i'm thinking if you live far away from most of your family they might be interested in pics every once in a while but certainly not enough to warrant a website. but maybe ginafly and i are wrong
ginafly ginafly 9 years
I might be too much of a Miss Manners purist, but I have to say that I find this idea incredibly tacky. To presuppose anyone wants to check in on your life via blog is just wrong. If you want to keep people in touch with your life, then just stay in touch via traditional ways, which would include inquiring after their lives. People either matter enough to you that you can pick up the phone, write an individual email, or write (gasp!) a letter, or they don't matter. I think blogs are great, but they have their place. Keeping in touch with loved ones should be a more personal endeavour.
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