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What Is IG Audit?

This Instagram Tool Tells You How Many Followers Are Fake — Including on Celebrity Accounts


Have you ever wondered how many of your Instagram followers are fake? Or been curious about just how many real people actually follow your favorite celebrities? Instagram definitely has a fake account problem, with a whole army of bots, blank accounts, and sockpuppet accounts that are used to inflate accounts' followings, often for a fee. But if you've ever wanted to cut through the noise and find out how many followers on any public account are real and how many are fake, this IG Audit tool is the answer!

How does it work? All you have to do is enter the handle of the account you want to test, and in under a minute, you'll have a whole profile about the authenticity of the account's followers and interactions. It estimates the percentage of real followers, plus gives data about the account's likes and comments compared to the algorithmically expected number of interactions. Put it all together, and it can give a quick but fairly accurate picture of how authentic any given account's following is.

IG Audit is a great tool you can use on your own account if you're starting to grow a following and are curious if your followers are real, but it can also be used on any public Instagram account — meaning you can peek at your favorite influencers and even A-list celebs to see what percentage of their Instagram life is legit and what percentage is totally fake. For example, if you plug in Kylie Jenner's handle, it estimates that only about 57 percent of her followers are real. But since she has 143 million followers, she still has a massive fan base despite all those annoying bot accounts!

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