Yesterday I got some good news for anyone who upgraded to an iPhone 3G last year, only to be told they wouldn't be eligible for an upgrade to the 3G S at the time of its launch: you may have just been given the green light.

So even if you're not eligible yet, there's a silver lining, and that goes for all iPhone users (and Touch, holla!): the 3.0 OS update! I thought the OS update to 2.0 last year was amazing, but 3.0, with its ooh-la-la features including cut and paste, Spotlight, and MMS, feels like more than just a firmware update (check out my review for all of my thoughts).

Of course, I am still rabid about the new iPhone 3G S — the new camera, the compass, the voice control, and video. Oh, the video. But I am afraid to check and see if I even qualify for the upgrade now because I'm worried I'll be tempted, almost sure I'll buy it if I can, when I know perfectly well that I am getting a cool thing already with the 3.0 OS.

So tell me — what excites you more, the new iPhone's features, or the new OS's features?