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What Is a Retrosexual?

Helpful Tips on How Not to Become a Retrosexual

There's a new term on the horizon — retrosexual. This word has nothing to do with your sexual orientation or modern men dressing like Don Draper, but it has everything to do with how often people revert back to flirting or checking up on an ex online after seemingly "moving on." Whether you're in a new relationship or not, it's hard to deny the digital power of having an ex so close to you — Facebook is cited in every one out of five divorces in the US, mostly because people can't break away from an old flame. How can you keep from turning into a retrosexual? I offer up a few tips below.

  • Edge him out — Start by disabling his special ring tone, the photo screen saver, and hide him in a special group where you don't have to see his Facebook updates.
  • Don't mess with his digital life — If you've got the passwords to his online profiles (question: why do you have his passwords?), don't fall victim of your own feelings of revenge and hack into his accounts. Not only will this continue the contact between the two of you, but it will create resentment, harming your healthy breakup process.
  • Don't browse your couple's pics — The good news is, Facebook's "Photo Memories" feature will no longer show pictures of you and someone you've listed as "in a relationship" with, so now you just have to resist that compulsion to click on your "happy times" couple's album.

Get more tips when you read more.

  • Get him outta your inbox — A recently-added feature in Gmail is the ability to auto-delete emails from certain senders. If you've really been burned and want to cut off all communications with your ex-beau (à la Carrie Bradshaw), then this is the tip you're going to need.
  • Unfriend! — It's pretty unbelievable, but in a recent study, 48 percent of women say they check up on their ex via Facebook. Just unfriend already and get him out of your news feed.
  • Move on — While you may not want to start jumping into the dating pool right after a breakup, if you've been apart from your ex for a while and can't seem to get him out of your head, maybe it's time to start meeting new people. Getting your mind off of your old relationship will help to separate feelings of love and lust with those of comfort.
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