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Tech Dating 101: What Does "It's Complicated" Mean Anyway?

Oh, love in the digital age. It's confusing, isn't it? My Tech Dating 101 series regularly tackles how technology and new forms of communication are evolving dating and relationship rules, and though I've tackled many a topic, I have yet to nail down the specific meaning of "It's Complicated." You know, the status you can select on Facebook? To see what I think,


I saw the movie of the same name the other night and spent half of it stuck on the title and label as it is used in pop culture. I say it's when you aren't ready (or still content) to say you're "in a relationship," but you aren't single either, and that leaves a giant chasm. We've already discussed how long a gal should wait to change her status from "Single" to "In a Relationship," but what's up with "It's Complicated"? Do you have a time frame and explanation for the love 2.0 label? Do you use it? And if so, what made you pick it?

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Angelwngs2228 Angelwngs2228 6 years
I just changed my status to "It's Complicated" because me and my boyfriend broke up for now because of not being able to see each other as much was hurting us both deeply and we can't be together because of both of our financial situations. Well also want to just be friends for a while since we didn't really take a chance to just be friends before we dated. We plan on getting back together in the future. We have both agreed to not see anyone else. We still want to kiss and say I love you because we do still love each other as more than friends. That's why I say "It's Complicated"!!!
ms-ursula ms-ursula 6 years
hell no they only be come complicated if you make them that way...
clydiebaby clydiebaby 7 years
To me, "It's Complicated" means that either the person is dating a couple of people, is in the beginning of a relationship that hasn't been defined yet, or is dating but isn't able to make it public for whatever reason (divorce pending, partner is in a relationship, etc.)
itme13 itme13 7 years
Its complicated is usually meant as a sign the relationship has ended or almost ended or its one of those "on again-off again" type relationships...not something u used prior to it officially starting. When ur in that im not sure if were official not, thats not complicated, that just being unsure and unknowing. It's usually best just to say single if u havent talked about it, that or just not put a relationship status at all. Complicated usually involves baggage (in otherwords, if ur relationship is in the "its complicated" description, potential new dating partners prob want to stay away until its not so "complicated" anymore.)
ManiMartinixo ManiMartinixo 7 years
My best friend went it's complicated when her boyfriend dumped her.
weffie weffie 7 years
RS, there's a fb group advocating polyamorous status options so you can pick more than one partner, but it's been there a long time and nothing's changed so far... maybe you can recruit some ppl :) Most of my friends that have "It's Complicated" as their status use this when they're mad at their boyfriends, then it changes back to "In a Relationship" when the fight ends. Silly, but not complicated.
RoaringSilence RoaringSilence 7 years
I think that label is either going to make the potential partner feel insulted (no one wants to be called complicated) or like you're rushing into things. If you've talked enough about everything to decide that you're not really single any more, why not call it a relationship? Something that tickles me about facebook statuses is also that even if you pick "in an open relationship", you can only pick one partner. I should get in touch with the usability department and explain some things.
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