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What's the Weirdest Thing You've Used As a Case?

What's the Weirdest Thing You've Used As a Case?

I'm all for creatively re-appropriating bags for laptops, cameras and phones — especially since the variety of what's put in there is not exactly what you want. And I know when you're waiting for a case, you might have to use a somewhat subpar substitute. . . So when my cousin pulled this (her digital camera case) out of her purse to take a picture of us the other night, I was speechless:

That's right, friends. Her camera case is a sock. A really cute ballerina sock, but a sock nonetheless. After I could breathe again after laughing and telling her I'd forward her some more suitable cases for her camera, I was informed by others that socks are often used to tuck digital cameras into. Is this true?!

Am I the only one who didn't know about this? I'm dumbfounded. Have you ever used something weird for a camera or phone case out of desperation?

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buch1979 buch1979 9 years
My dad used to store all the additional lenses for his Minolta in gym socks inside the camera bag.
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx 9 years
im sorry to say i've done the sock thing before. its a little bimbarrassing when youre at a wedding pulling out a sock to take a photo
the-makeup-blogette the-makeup-blogette 9 years
yeah it is common to use baby socks as handphone and camera, also mp3 cases. :)
kiwishe kiwishe 9 years
My boss pulled a sock out of his pocket one day to show us the iPhone he got for his wife, though she barely uses it. We were shocked it was stored in a sock - one of his running socks! Gross. He claims it's clean, but no matter how many times you wash it, it's still a sock that's been through sweat and dirt of a sneaker. I can't imagine putting the phone in your sock then putting it next to your ear.
tananarama tananarama 9 years
When I got my iPhone, I was absolutely PARANOID about damaging it... I'm in Canada, so no one really sold cases for them and I was too worried to wait for one from EBay... so Micro-fibre cloths were my best friends.... If i was heading out I would literally SWADDLE my iPhone like a baby in one of the cloths.. I had a little folding routine down pat and everything. =x And if it was going in a big purse, I'd wrap it in 1 first, then another (for added protection..hahaha) I remember pulling it out at a friends place, and getting laughed at for my "rags" (they were brand new..i mean cmon! only the best for my newborn! lol.) I have a collection of cases for it now, but my trusty micro-fibre cloths are always close by!
Phasekitty Phasekitty 9 years
I've seen multiple people use socks as camera cases! My boyfriend used to use a t-shirt to wrap up his GPS in the car - I finally bought him a case for it this past Xmas.
MuggleCrazed MuggleCrazed 9 years
My Friend used cute little baby socks to hold her KRZR when she had one. Also, when I just got my new laptop and hadn't received a new sleeve for it and I had to travel, I used a towel to wrap it up and put it in my bag, Would not recommend that.
quelle quelle 9 years
i had a friend who used a sock for a camera case. haha it was her mom's camera and she never got around to buying a proper case for it for months! thing is, it wasn't even a cute sock.. just a white sport sock.
balisane balisane 9 years
I'm guilty. I use an absolutely HIDEOUS piece of orange, blue and purple plaid flannel to wrap my Rebel and its lens in when i can't be arsed to drag the camera bag around. It always draws a gasp or an "Augh!" from anyone who sees it, and leaves photographer friends aghast. Way-back-when, i had a Shuffle (the old white type) in an Altoids sour gum tin with a port cut out of it to access the controls covered with a piece of silicone. Worked an absolute treat. Mostly, i just sew up a flannel-lined gadget pocket and attach that to the inside of my current bag, if the bag doesn't have an appropriate slot. I hate carrying extra cases.
Tameeko Tameeko 9 years
So funny! I had a co-worker who used a baby sock for her Nano. I thought it was so cute and original but I guess she was not alone.
shafiii shafiii 9 years
recently i've been using a glove for my camera because i can't seem to find my real one. =P
misogi misogi 9 years
I've used an Altoids tin for an MP3 player case...
emo_stacer emo_stacer 9 years
a wristband with one side sewn shut as an ipod nano holder
kaju kaju 9 years
my friend uses an altoid case to hold her digital camera. It's durable...your camera smells minty fresh and it's very inconspicuous.
mollydiane mollydiane 9 years
I use a beer/soda koozie for my camera. One of those new fangled ones made out of neoprene (or similar) that are designed to lay flat. It is pretty useful, the wrist strap fits through the little slits on the end so I can just slide it out, snap a picture and pull it back in w/o having to take it off my wrist.
dyskrasia dyskrasia 9 years
@edrabbit: ditto. I'm not so concerned with the shock absorption prevention; mostly scratches, so I use my beanie for our point-and-shoot Canon. Our heftier EOS 20D has an equally-hefty carrying bag.
omilawd omilawd 9 years
I used a sock for my iPod until I got a case for it.
amh678 amh678 9 years
This has nothing to do with cameras or phones or anything, but it reminded me... Years ago, my mom kept her tampons in a sock in her purse. I used to pull it out and twirl it around my head to embarrass her. Ah, the joys of childhood! :P
ayanaphil ayanaphil 9 years
I put my Macbook in a pillow case before I got a case.
nikki_ nikki_ 9 years
Back home in the Philippines a couple of years ago back in 2003 maybe.. when cellphones were still expensive and it was starting to gain popularity, you could say it was some sort of a 'craze', but I was never really into using a sock..
x_juicyfruit x_juicyfruit 9 years
Hmm. I can't really think of anything.
Foxy-Frazee Foxy-Frazee 9 years
One afternoon I was taking my son to the park to play and didn't want my camera to possibly get damaged or drolled on by my son and I don't own a camera case so I used one of his diapers to wrap it in to protect it, it worked fine.
Tech Tech 9 years
And I have to add, my cousin offered me a ballerina sock case as well, cracking that she "has another one at home". :)
kaenai kaenai 9 years
i love the Apple iPod socks; i'm sure they got the idea from somewhere. :) but, a mitten! that's a great idea; i've been pondering what to put my iPod touch in until my custom case arrives. they're thicker, and can absorb more of a fall than a sock, and you can still find some really cute ones. thanks, ladygypsy!
ladygypsy ladygypsy 9 years
When I first got my iPhone, I kept it in a very large mitten until I got a protector for it. But I've also done the sock-as-camera case before too. If I'm tossing my camera into my purse, a sock works like a charm!
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