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Why That Whisper App Is All the Rage

Feb 20 2014 - 7:15am

Why are gossip apps so big these days? Because they're full of secrets.

The meteoric rise of Whisper [1] (free) for iOS and Android has taken the tech world by complete surprise. The platform on which users share their uncensored feelings anonymously is like a modern-day PostSecret [2]. Whisper also gets 3.5 billion page views a month!

Some confessions are juicy (OMG! Gwyneth Paltrow is having an affair! [3]) and others . . . aren't juicy at all ("Emma Watson [4] is the definition of beautiful"). Some aren't even secrets, really, just grand ideas about life. But no matter the content, thumbing through strangers' unfiltered thoughts is weirdly addictive. Another anonymous secrets app called Secret [5] (free) is also on the rise.

Need proof that these apps are worth your time? Scroll down to indulge in some of the most fascinating esecrets we found, and let us know if you've ever confessed to one of these apps.

Gossip Girl

Source: Paramount Pictures [6]

The Lonely Doctor Who Fan [7]

Source: Whisper [8]

Pokeball Pizza For All [9]

Source: Whisper [10]

Um, the Coworker You Shouldn't Be Whispering To [11]

Source: Whisper [12]

The Truth of Retail [13]

Source: Whisper [14]

I Am Proud of Being a Geek Girl [15]

Source: Whisper [16]

He Is Batman [17]

Source: Whisper [18]

The Dirty Truth of Hot Pockets Fans [19]

Source: Whisper [20]

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