Your phone fell in the toilet. In the pool. Your iPod got run over by a car. You dropped your laptop hustling to make an airline connection. We all have horror stories about the gadgets that we've loved and lost, whether it was our fault or someone else's.

I have dropped my Sony point-and-shoot camera face down on concrete outside when doing a hand-off, had an entire bottle of water flood a handbag that was home to my iPod, and dropped my first iPhone face down on a sidewalk on — get this — a very steep San Francisco hill. The iPhone kept ticking, but the previous two gadgets were not so lucky.

As much as I try to be so careful with my valuable (technically and sentimentally) electronics, there will always be accidents. Sometimes they won't break; other times, they're gone forever before you can even attempt a clever rice trick.

Anyway, I know I'm not the only klutz or unlucky person here — hook me up with your story of the worst way you've ever lost or broken a gadget.