One cool Twitter benefit: you can find and follow just about anyone — friends, celebrities, or even people you don't know. One potentially scary Twitter feature: you can be found and followed by just about anyone. Sure, you can easily lock your account so you have to approve every person who wants to follow your updates, but some users don't necessarily want to use Twitter in that way.

Recently, a friend of mine (who because of her job has nearly 1,000 Twitter followers) ran into a Twitter snafu. Someone who she didn't know asked her out via a Twitter @reply. It's not necessarily the actual reply (or the ability for a stranger to reply to her) that freaked her out — after all, it is the nature of Twitter. Her problem is that he seemed like a pretty cool guy. One that she might actually consider going out with had she met him in person. She didn't want to ignore him, but was wary of committing to a date without getting to know him, and sadly 140 characters aren't enough for a sufficient introduction.

She ended up direct messaging him in response, since you are able to DM people who follow you, even if you don't follow their updates. She included her email address and asked him to write her. What do you think? Did she make the right move? Has this happened to you? And would you have handled the situation differently?

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