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When to Tag Your Date in Photos on Facebook and Flickr

Tech Dating 101: To Upload, Tag, Untag, or Delete?

Posting photos and videos online is more popular than ever thanks to mobile upload technologies to sites like Facebook and Flickr. And along with uploading comes tagging, keywords, titles and captions. I use tags and keywords on photos, so I can find them easily, but it's also a pretty public way of showing the world, "Hey! I'm with him!" When is it appropriate to tag a date? What do you do if he untags himself? And, scariest of all, what do you do if the relationship ends? That's what we'll find out on this edition of Tech Dating 101.

Tagging and Identifying Photos:
If you've been hanging out fairly often, it's fine to tag a few Facebook photos from the day trip you took last weekend — after all, you have to actually be Facebook friends for the tag to work. Just don't overdo it.

A few choice photos are fine — every single photo (including those featuring his left foot in the corner of the frame, you know which one I'm talking about) is overkill. The same goes for Flickr — adding titles, keywords, or captions with his name is fine if used sparingly. And, of course, keep the mushy stuff to a minimum, please.


To see my other tagging suggestions just


If He Untags Himself on Facebook:
Do not panic. He may think it's an unflattering photo (yes, guys can be vain), or maybe he's just not a tagging fan. I know plenty of girls who are antitag, too. If it really bothers you, you can ask him why, but avoid accusation — especially if it's a new relationship. You can always try again in a few weeks.

If It Ends:
I've touched on this a bit in Getting Your Ex Out of Your Digital Life, but post-breakup, it's best to edge him out. Start by de-tagging cute or coupley photos of the two of you. Don't feel the need to remove them from your page unless you have no desire to look at them — if so, by all means, delete! Tags and keywords are an easy way to organize photos, but if you use Flickr, that means they're searchable. Tag those photos with his first and last name and . . . bam! You never know when you'll realize someone (is it him? A new girl?) has been checking out photos of the two of you.

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Angelica Angelica 8 years
I'm totally with you on taking any untagging with a grain of salt, Geek! This is great advice. A friend of mine freeeaakked out when her new fella untagged himself in a bunch of photos and it turns out he just didn't have privacy settings in place and didn't want his very conservative boss and people from work to see pics of him at happy hour. There are a million reasons why someone might untag themselves, you just gotta let it roll off your back.
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