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I spent some time exploring unfamiliar territory over the weekend and charted out my adventures and directions with Google Maps in advance. Blame it on the Henny the night before, or my inability to chat with my copilot and drive, but I got lost. As we sat at the side of a sketchy road, frustrated and ready for a Garden Burger, I thanked my lucky stars for my iPhone. We were able to triangulate our position with the iPhone's GPS, update our directions, and get back on track, following the moving blue dot on the map until we reached our destination.

More than 75 percent of geeksugar readers claim to use GPS regularly, but about 58 percent admit it has led you astray at one point or another. I recognize using a GPS can be distracting, but I am always glad to have it when my primary plan (Google Map directions and instinct) fail me. Which travel tool do you think is more helpful?


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auto auto 8 years
I'll go with GPS.Looking for destinations in Google maps would be time consuming.GPS takes you to your destination with ease.I love to drive at unknown places on weekends.Asking for directions from a stranger late at night is unsafe.GPS is user friendly and saves your time in searching for routes...... I am using mapmyindia navigator from last five months.Its cool and sleek Check it out:
T-S T-S 8 years
Clearly GPS since it will tell you if you miss a turn.
aylee aylee 8 years
I use the GPS nav in the car, then the iPhone is backup. I do however, go to Google Maps to get an idea where I'm going and what highways I need to take.
starofsorrow starofsorrow 8 years
I tend to use GPS the majority of time if I don't know where I'm going or I'm not familiar with the layout of a city. Unfortunately, my GPS decided to screw up on me this past weekend, and I ended up getting lost a couple times in Dallas trying to get to a hotel. Urgh! If I buy another GPS, it's going to be one that will have regular map updates that don't cost an arm and leg (My current maps are about 5 years out of date due to it costing 70 dollars a YEAR to update the maps...sheesh)
Zivanod Zivanod 8 years
GPS is cool and I've used it when I have rented in the past. When I actually get my own car, I plan on splurging for an actual GPS device as well. However, I have no problems with maps and use Google Maps to plot out our road trips and use a map book as well. I guess I just like to have all my basis covered.
TidalWave TidalWave 8 years
I do both! I ALWAYS try to look at where i'm going on google maps before i leave. but then as I am driving, I will use my gps for guidance.
wmoonw wmoonw 8 years
GPS is pretty much directions that correct themselves when you screw up . . I vote GPS! Also, the ability to randomly search around you for gas and food? Invaluable on the road.
SB-Marilyn SB-Marilyn 8 years
GPS in my iPhone. I can't tell you how many times we've been somewhere and realized we didn't totally know where we were. Also using the search feature have been able to find gas stations, grocery stores and food. A printed piece of paper can't help you after the fact.
kscincotta kscincotta 8 years
I vote Google Maps for the sheer fact that it costs me pennies per set of directions while a GPS is much more pricey since I don't have one in my phone.
misscococherie misscococherie 8 years
PinkLizzie PinkLizzie 8 years
My vote is for GPS. In a pre technology world you could figure things out with paper maps beforehand, but nothing was going to save you if you ended up outside of the pre-mapped route. GPS is also great on public transit when you're on an unfamiliar bus route and don't know exactly which stop it is that you want and can't see the street signs.
graduatedsqueaks graduatedsqueaks 8 years
I use my GPS if I can, because it helps you if you end up going in a different direction (recalculating....recalculating) but I'll usually look up the directions on google maps or something like that before heading out just to get an idea of the possible routes.
margokhal margokhal 8 years
GPS is much more awesome - if you keep it updated! I would use it more, but the one we have at my parent's house isn't mine, and none of us have GPS/web-capable I'm stuck having to plan my routes using Google Maps (is the best! True dat! DOUBLE TRUE!)
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