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Which Do You Prefer: Gmail or Windows Live Hotmail?

In the mid-nineties when email was creating quite the buzz, everyone and their sister signed-up for a Hotmail account. Soon after the release of email clients such as Yahoo Mail and the much later Gmail, Hotmail soon became an outdated email service. Well Microsoft is back in action with their latest launch, Windows Live Hotmail- the most significant upgrade to Hotmail since its introduction in 1996. I still have yet to tap into my old Hotmail account and check out this new and improved 'Live Hotmail'. Are you still a Hotmail user? Or have you made the leap to Gmail?

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kizzmeistah kizzmeistah 10 years
i love gMail and the way it connects all the conversations they were first to come out with a ton of storage space and the ability to search through your e-mail easily
Mon715 Mon715 10 years
I LOVE my .mac subscription. Its not free, but it's fantastic. I have a gmail account too, but I don't think I could live without .mac anymore. It has a backup program, I can sync my data between my home and work computer, I can transfer information using my idisk. It's awesome. I despise hotmail and all things microsoft related.
jendudley jendudley 10 years
I just upgraded to live. I guess it is ok, but I am so used to Gmail. My fave is still Yahoo.
baltimoregal baltimoregal 10 years
Gmail is the best. Plus you can get your other email there too!
clbailey1 clbailey1 10 years
I've had both and its Gmail, hands down...its so many good features and is easy to use...and after I added some greasemonkey scripts so I could color-code label my e-mails for organization I figure its just about perfect!
estrela estrela 10 years
That's strange, I haven't had any problems accessing my gmail account.
LaLaLaurie06 LaLaLaurie06 10 years
i use gmail, but has anyone else been having some issues with it lately? apparently, it's going through some server troubles and sometimes i can't access my email. people on help groups complained about being unable to access their email for days at a time.
reesk reesk 10 years
I have had an aol account since at least 1995. I can't switch - everyone knows it's me!! I don't even use aol at home. I continue their webmail since it offers all the free software for virus protection and spyware - in addition to what I already own. It can't hurt! I've tried yahoo and hotmail for specialized email accounts and they both irritate me. I've never looked into gmail though. I'll have to give it a try!
Megami76 Megami76 10 years
As a former Hotmail user, I've been switching over to Gmail for its ease of use and access. I really like the "conversation" feature. It keeps all of your emails you send back and forth with someone, in one easy to manage conversation.
NYShuls718 NYShuls718 10 years
I love my gmail. It's so easy to use and I love the chat and calendar feature. There's so much space and it's easy for me to search through old emails...I'd never change!
glam-sugar glam-sugar 10 years
I used to have hotmail but switched to Yahoo.
trabetbro trabetbro 10 years
Gmail for me. I had Yahoo mail for a long time, but I get so much spam now. I hardly get spamed on my gmail account.
paramita paramita 10 years
i love yahoo mail's beta interface. Waay nicer than gmail interface in my opinion. But I definitely choose gmail over hotmail. I had this "you have to login every 10 days or your account will be deleted" with hotmail, and when I'm in holidays for more than two weeks then my e-mails are gone??? wtf
candes candes 10 years
Has everyone forgotten about the privacy concerns with Gmail? Anyways, I am one of the "grandfathered" folks that is still able to use hotmail with outlook express. I really don't care for webmail.
Tech Tech 10 years
I'm also a gmail user and absolutely love it.. google calendar, docs & spreadsheets, chat and other fabulous features.. all accessible through my email inbox...
shini shini 10 years
I love gmail, after gmail notifier, I can't close laptop hahah
colormesticky colormesticky 10 years
I haaaaate Hotmail.
Tsoniki Tsoniki 10 years
I've had a hotmail account since it came out but I really don't like the Live version. I tried it when it was in beta and it drove me crazy! I switched back and hope I'm among the last to be switched over this time. I've been using Gmail though and my only complaint is the lack of folders.
estrela estrela 10 years
I had hotmail as my first email account but I was getting tired of it so I switched to gmail and I love it! :-)
missyosigirl missyosigirl 10 years
i love gmail! :D before, i was an avid hotmail user... it was my primary email account. then i made a yahoo account but never really used that and still used hotmail. then gmail came along and i let go of my hotmail -- the storage was puny and the interface then was clunky, compared to gmail's huge storage and elegant design.
littlemissvixen littlemissvixen 10 years
cutelilbunny cutelilbunny 10 years
I want to switch to GMail one day, but its such a big hassle updating all my contacts and such. For now, I'll stick with Windows Live Mail.
swwonder swwonder 10 years
Either, I'm not fussed. I like GMail because I never get junk mail and it's faster than Live Mail. But I like the sleek design on Live Mail, plus I've had it for longer so it's easier to use.
Katharine Katharine 10 years
I use gmail for most emails then yahoo for spam
menthadict menthadict 10 years
i'm using regular hotmail, since it's my main email and i'm reluctant to completely move over to gmail. i prefer the o ld fashioned hotmail, gmail is for me
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