For all the iPhone hype the device may be falling behind the too-hot-to-trot Prada phone. Word is, the Prada phone by LG has sold over 300,000 units since its launch in March, while earlier this week AT&T announced it has only activated 146,000 iPhones. (Apple released its third quarter results yesterday, but that quarter ended three days after the iPhone release so there are no telling figures). Both phones feature touchscreen technology and have skated by on their sleek luxury cell phone status. The Prada phone costs about $550 - $650, while the iPhone is $499 for the 4 GB and $599 for the 8GB. Whether the Prada phone has outsold the iPhone or not, it's important to note the Prada phone is available outside the US, while the iPhone launched only in the US. Based on looks and all the reviews you've read, where would you put your money?