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Which Email Offense Is Worst?

Which Email Etiquette Offense Is the Worst?

In an increasingly digital world, email etiquette is becoming an important tool in the way we communicate. While most professionals are able to hold to a largely unspoken code of conduct, occasionally a breach of etiquette squeezes through. Here, four of what I think are the worst email offenses. Do you agree? Cast your vote!

Forwarding a forwarded forward
Usually reserved for mothers, grandmothers, and other novice emailers, the forwarded forwarded forward usually contains some sort of animated .gif and Comic Sans font.

Check out the rest and vote for the worst offender after the break.

Unnecessarily replying all
Though often employed as a joke, this tactic usually just annoys everyone on the email chain — especially if it involves some sort of fun plan that some recipients may not be able to participate in.

Purposely sending a (no subject) email
I am so guilty of this. It's not that I don't have the time to add in a subject line, it's that I don't want to have to sum up an entire email into just a few words. But it makes searching for emails far more difficult, and it's easier for it to get overlooked.

Reckless use of the ! indicator
This might be my biggest pet peeve. With exceptions like emails from your boss and exceptionally pressing matters, adding the ! to an email that is probably not !-worthy makes me cringe. I will prioritize! I promise!

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Miss-Capri Miss-Capri 6 years
Lol My Macbook does the same thing with the spell-correction.An example of that the other day was posting on my own site, where it changed "blub" to "bulb" *Shakes head* Most of the time, I actually like reply-alls. At least it's the people doing the actual writing, and if it's good-natured, it's like having a chatroom via email. I really don't like people who have been utterly trollish on an email list, thinking they can get away with turning it into a private email war. and I REALLY detest people who scold you for revealing publically what some rude person sends via private email. Sure, keeping emails to ourselves is fine, if it's welcome emails from friends. But trolls and flamers will never get that kind of respect from me, and neither will anyone who chastises someone for exposing a bully who tries to do it through private email. And sometimes these are informative, but get annoying after a while - autoresponses.
Akasha Akasha 6 years
Yes I know there are typing issues here. In my defense though I'm on an iPad and the type is very small and the damn thing auto corrects... sometimes incorrectly.
Akasha Akasha 6 years
Not replying all when necessary. We tend to work on a number of project together and use email to discuss the ins and outs. My biggest pet peeve is getting an email only to find that a couple of people have forgotten to reply all and only two people are now completely in the loop. My boss and his boss are notorious for this and the. Get mad when no one responds to questions.
Miss-Capri Miss-Capri 6 years
Other annoyances non-forward related, since chaining issues are so annoying they take up a class all by themselves. Long siglines. Okay, I get it, Teddy uses a great PC with the latest software and greatest processor. Does he really need to spell it all out on a half-page long sigline in every email, particularly when his actual note was only a sentence long? And if I have to see Amy Bruce's long list of all her cats and dogs, birds and rodent pets, including each of her "In loving memory of"s I will toss something. Okay, so Timothy Flyte loves profound sounding (long-winded quotes) Fine. But I want to hear from him, not everybody he includes in his collection of quotes on a huge signature. People who always reply to my email with barely a sentence, and then they get demanding when I stop emailing them. No kidding, that has happened. It's particularly annoying when I write considerably more. Like, what am I, this person's email babysitter? Does she think I should just entertain or give them something to read without their giving me something worth wile in return? Think again. The unnecessary use of the "High priority/Urgent/High importance" indicators, yes, that is annoying too. Yeah, I think my work-related emails are just a bit more important than Carmen Winstead's "High Importance" random listserve post or silly joke forward. Bad typing. Some people can't help it, but others can and just aren't trying, or else they think their made-up shorthand is very cool and that punctuation is optional. "Hey this is too funny rotflcbgd bet you can't guess what that is?" Uh, no, and I can't be bothered, so please stick to the standard shorthand most everyone on the net is at least somewhat familiar with, all right? BTW, I've gotten that stale joke about 10 times from 10 different people within the last 14 days, so not even a chuckle from me. Leet-speak, putting numbers and single letters in place of words. Txt-speak, same basic thing. Yeah, what's that you're trying to say? Could you put that in English for me please?
Miss-Capri Miss-Capri 6 years
Chain forwards of any and all kinds, and reply-alls that praise the chain letter and the person for sending them. And replies that snipe and complain about a reply-all that is actually a debunk of the chain. People who get snippy when they've found out that forward is really not as great as it had lead them to believe. People who start off emailing so there's a good conversation going, and then they eventually start sending chain forwards. That's when you can pretty much kiss any further real communication with them goodbye. People who stop writing me, because they'd rather go on sending chain letters to others who are too timid to speak up against it and bruise their egos.
Leta-Shy Leta-Shy 6 years
I agree with Budderflie. Bad grammar and unnecessary punctuation (and CAPS) trump any of the others!
karyney karyney 6 years
@ Budderflie: Wow, that sounds super annoying. I wouldn't be able to stand reading that. My cousin forwarded a very cute email to me and about 6 or 7 other people. No less than 4 (most of whom I don't even KNOW) "replied to all." I was very annoyed that day.
Budderflie Budderflie 6 years
an* exact email. Look at me calling the kettle black.
Budderflie Budderflie 6 years
Here I found and EXACT email from my former boss: Update. Most of the Paper is ON the EAST Coast! with that said!!! So, New Date for Paper at **Company** is 2/16 or 2/17, maybe!!! and New Announcement is Push back to the 2/22. So, stay by your e mail for updates. Any question, see me right away
Budderflie Budderflie 6 years
Bad grammar and punctuation! If your email has a spell check use it for crying out loud. My boss would write a email to our big clients like this: hey so and so! How are you im good glad we got all that stuff figured out.!!!!! maybe we should figur out what your in need of for next meeting! Erin, I copy you on emails so be sure to take notes and send them in reply. It was like working with a foreign person. I wish I was kidding but this is exactly what some emails would look like. A bunch of people would be copied on them and no one ever mentioned he should you know, have someone proof read his emails. How he was in charge of others and made more money then us is beyond me.
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