We drool, gawk and scoff at luxury gadgets nearly every day, but what if we suddenly had a much, much larger bank account? Would we be more likely to throw down on gold and diamond encrusted gizmos? PC World has put together a collection of The World's Most Extravagant Technology Products, which they aptly note are all "absurdly expensive," but some are "practical, some are pretentious, and some are preposterous." My favorite items on the list are the Luvaglio Laptop, which is a $1,000,000 concept product; the $18,000 Vertu cell phone, which features an 18-karat yellow gold finish and black leather backing; the i.Beat organix FM, an MP3 player with an 8-karat gold casing, 63 1-carat diamonds and a $20,000 price tag; and lastly, the $25,000 Diamond Flower mouse, which is 8-karat white gold encrusted with 59 brilliant-cut diamonds. If money was no object, which of these items would you buy? (Options are clockwise from top left.)