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Which Web Browser Do You Use?

I can honestly say I've been around the web browser block a few too many times. I've used just about everything, including Safari, Internet Explorer, Netscape and now predominately Firefox, which I absolutely love...most of the time. Back in the day early web browsers only supported simple versions of HTML (Netscape for example), whereas now they have become very sophisticated and user-friendly. Since I post a lot of downloads and applications for various browsers, it would be great to know what browser you use to surf the net. Leave your comments below and tell us why you love your browser.

okplus okplus 9 years
I have to say, that I love Firefox, but have become a recent convert to Flock at home. I love the home page that lists all your favorites sites and feeds on one page for easy viewing. I also like the integration with Twitter, but I wish it integrated better with Google. I'd like to be able to manage my Picasa account directly from there. I still prefer it to Flickr. Plus Flock renders like Firefox since it's based on Mozilla.
millarci millarci 10 years
I love Safari, so I primarly use it. But sometimes website don't work on Safari so I'm glad I have Firefox.
xo_verity xo_verity 10 years
Internet Explorer! I used to use Firefox all the time but now I can open new tabs on internet explorer so I'm back to using that.
bugness bugness 10 years
My boyfriend had a mac before I did, and I liked the way he had his bookmarks toolbar on Safari, so I got Firefox for my PC, thinking it was the next best thing. When I got my mac, I started to use Safari and greatly missed all of the great things about Firefox. now I use ff all the time unless I need to run a special website on safari
Spilltojill Spilltojill 10 years
Go Firefox1!!!!
Vrai Vrai 10 years
Opera all the way! I was a devoted FireFox user for over a year before I discovered Opera. Now I won't go back! It's brilliant and does everything I could ever want. I just wish that more people would promote it. It's so nifty. You can even download Opera mini to your handheld PC or phone and have all the function and capability on the go. My favorite part is the mouse gestures. Just a movement of the mouse can let you do whatever you need. The newest version even has a 'speed dial' so your favorite websites are just a number away. Ooh! Plus! It has an AWESOME feature that detects when something is in a series (like clicking 'next' in a gallery of pictures) and allows you to just hold the left mouse button and then right-click to move forward. Just hold the right and then left-click to move back. Gosh, I sound like an excited kid. I LOVE OPERA! Why are you still reading this?! GO GET OPERA <3
whiteshadow whiteshadow 10 years
my mac expects nothing but the power of camino.
pinupsweetheart pinupsweetheart 10 years
I use internet explorer at work and firefox at home
NomenNescio NomenNescio 10 years
Answered 'Something else'. At the moment, running the following: Opera 9.21 (latest released weekly build) FireFox (musume 2007062510) Maxthon Maxthon Firefox 3.0a6pre (latest nightly) Firefox musume 3.0a2 Installed/unpacked but not running atm. : several other FireFox, Opera and Maxthon/MyIE2 versions Pocket K-Meleon hv3 ob1 Lynx Elinks many obscure browser from browser archive Almost everything proxied trough proxomitron. Firefox made easier by "free the fox"
misogi misogi 10 years
I had Firefox on my old computer and the program made it crash all the time...and even though I have a much better computer now, I haven't bothered to switch back. Internet Explorer does what I need it to do, and I haven't seen a pop-up in ages.
buffyrulez buffyrulez 10 years
explorer and sometimes firefox.
Calimie Calimie 10 years
Firefox. I tried it some time ago when IE would do nothing but crash and I haven't looked back. I don't know how I survied for so long without it. I <3 my Firefox.
catstarr catstarr 10 years
firefox ftw.
lintacious lintacious 10 years
Opera!! And the only reason it has such a small share of users is because it is never mentioned in articles like this! It came out before FireFox and does everything FireFox does plus more. It is free as well! It is also easier to customize and doesn't involve searching to find useful features (i.e. FF's add-ons). If you like efficient searching with tabs and are sick of FF hogging all the memory - please try Opera.
Performita Performita 10 years
Safari has bugs on localised windows, not when you are using English one. I am not using any Windoze computer so that would mean I use Safari all the way. But when I need to upload some text to my web site I must use FF because of the special characters such as čćžđš... I wonder if you guys see this characters now cause I am typing with safari :D
ladygrace ladygrace 10 years
Firefox is superior to IE. If I'm on my Mac I use Safari, though.
Nuska_kosya07 Nuska_kosya07 10 years
I use Firefox and i really love its amount of different functions and style !
Basma Basma 10 years
Internet Explorer , love the new one
lostemilie lostemilie 10 years
mostly firefox and sometimes Opera
katie10 katie10 10 years
I use Opera, but also Firefox and Safari. I can't stand Internet Explorer, but I can deal with Netscape (they had it in our elementary school when I was younger, so I'm very familiar with it).
misstricky misstricky 10 years
I use both Camino and Safari, but these days almost always Camino.
amordechiot amordechiot 10 years
Netscape is heck of old school. I used that shit when I was in 6th grade.
whiteiris whiteiris 10 years
Internet Explorer--it has never caused me any problems :-)
catybishopsucks catybishopsucks 10 years
macgirl macgirl 10 years
I was using Camino exclusively until the beta of Safari came out. I like the drag drop tabs feature it has now. I really haven't had any problems with the Safari beta on my Mac or on XP (my XP is very generic with hardly anything installed).
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