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White Noise and Sleep Aid Apps

Have You Ever Used a White Noise or Sleep Aid App?

Perfect timing: a New York Times reporter has found a new use for her iPhone that I hadn't thought of: a white noise machine/sleep aid. While I use mine regularly as an alarm clock, I never thought of it as something that could help me sleep. But after a few recent nights of trouble sleeping and after reading about her success, I'm ready to give one a try.

The author tried two different apps: White Noise, a free app that produces soothing white noise in the form of wind, rain, the ocean and more. You can set an alarm or a timer so the sound gently lulls you to sleep or wakes you without the harshness of a loud alarm.

Next, she tried Pzizz Sleep, a slight investment at $5 that uses unique voice tracks to help you relax and lull you to sleep.

Have you ever tried one of these sorts of apps? Any suggestions of which to try?

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Kimberly-Timlick Kimberly-Timlick 6 years
I'm addicted to Koi Pond. It's the best, listening to the rain fall as you fall asleep.
Happsmjc Happsmjc 6 years
You bet! I used to have a sound machine but it (like so many other things) has been replaced by my iphone. I have the Sleep Machine app and have had no problems. It's so much nicer then having some sound machine on my nightstand. I also have a sleep mix on my iphone that I play sometimes too.
EricaJane EricaJane 6 years
I have used ambiance for a couple of years and it is amazing.. I have an older version which is way better, but maybe with this new update it will be better.. either way it's incredible.. it rivals a machine worth 10 times as much.
katiekat95 katiekat95 6 years
My boyfriend downloaded it last night on his Ipod. Love it
The-Captain The-Captain 6 years
I use Ambiance with no problems (iPhone 4). I also enjoy Ambi Science Pure Sleep (by Tesla), Sleepmaker Pro "Storms" and Pocket Window is great to look at work or home when you need to relax or nap.
kayepants kayepants 6 years
Been using Ambiance for a while, and it's terrific - when it works. Unfortunately, it crashes more often than not, and I haven't been able to get it load at all for the past week. They say there's an update waiting for approval, so hopefully it will work properly soon. In the meantime, on the lookout for replacements, but haven't liked anything else as much.
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