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So Which Will It Be — White or Black?

So you can't get your hands on a white iPhone 4 until July, but you can check it out on Walmart's website, hopefully tiding you over until you have one in your hot little hands. I know plenty of geeks who are holding out for the lighter-hued iPhone 4 to be released before they take the plunge on a new smartphone, but I gotta say — the new Droid X is looking mighty fine.

There are already some dedicated geeks camping out for the black model in front of Apple stores around the country (get your gear together now if you're planning on joining them), while some lucky fans already have their new iPhones in hand. Of course, there are some nice alternatives if you aren't a fan of Apple, but so far the reviews for the iPhone 4 are glowing. So tell me — are you waiting for the white iPhone 4, or grabbing a black one tomorrow?

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Akasha Akasha 7 years
That's awesome that you got it in, shame it showed up in New Jersey. My friend found out her order was cancelled because she tried to change the shipping address to her address instead of the address of the random person that it was being shipped to. I on the other hand overslept (I guess I'm not that excited) and am heading to the mall now. I could kick myself.
le-romantique le-romantique 7 years
Want a great story about the iPhone 4? If you don't then don't bother reading... I went, almost literally, to hell and back to get the thing- on from 7am-8pm with no success (or os I thought), so I drove, with 15mins til closing, to te apple store on pre-order day to pre-order it, apparently I was the last person that could pre-order (which I found out the next day since my bf works at apple and has the list of everyone). So, then some crazy thing happened with my bank account. I was $12... yes, $12, short of purchasing the iPhone 4 ($12 was the tax). So I had to deposit a paycheck early, that wouldn't actually post until friday. So, I begged my parents for the money, which they got in 5mins before their bank closed yesterday.... Then I got a phone call during dinner last night from my mom, "YOU'RE IPHONE SHOWED UP TODAY!". So, one of my 1,000 attempts with actually worked. Only problem is it arrived at my parents house... in NJ. I live in Florida. Had to tell someone, figured my sugar pals would love iPhone 4 stress!
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