When you tweet, who are you talking to? New research from Yahoo looks at Twitter's 20,000 top users (which it calls "elite users"), who make up about half of the content on Twitter. Researchers broke down these 20,000 users into four categories: celebrities, bloggers, media outlets, and organizations.

Interestingly, research found that while media organizations make up the most Twitter content (think links to articles and content), their tweets only account for about 15 percent of what ordinary Twitter users are reading (though they have been proven to heavily influence trending topics).

Additionally, the research found that users within the four popular categories often interacted only with other users in that category — celebs interact most with other celebs, media organizations with other media organizations. The one major exception: bloggers tended to retweet content across a variety of categories. It also found that world news, US news, and sports news were the most popular tweets and also those with the widest reach.