In a recent USA Today article, I read about a man who was able to make in-flight phone calls on his iPhone during a flight using WiFi. With WiFi enabled, passengers on one of the 600 WiFi-enabled planes taking off in the US can use any number of video-chatting or voice programs like Skype or Gchat.

According to the article, a survey by the Department of Transportation's Bureau of Transportation Statistics found 45 percent of Americans thought voice calls should be banned on flights, while 40 percent said they should be allowed if they don't pose a safety risk.

When we polled you guys, 74 percent of you said you'd switch airlines to have WiFi. I used Google Video chat on a Virgin America flight last month and actually turned my computer's camera so a friend at home could see the clouds out of my window. The person sitting beside me even waved hello! Chatting live at 30,000 feet was a pretty surreal experience — I love Gogo In-flight Internet!