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WiTV: Wireless Internet TV Gets Taken For A Test Drive

Considering the fact I spend three quarters of my day online (it's pitiful, but true), I'm trying to adjust to the idea of watching TV programs via the net rather than my standard couch potato/laptop in lap method. With services like Joost and networks such as ABC offering streamed shows online, TV on the net is definitely becoming more mainstream and enjoyable for the viewer. The latest addition to this growing trend is a cool new service called WiTV - "Wireless Internet TV"- which works via your web browser and includes features like an integrated chat system that allows you to talk via IM and Skype with other viewers. The sneak peek also revealed basic video controls, a fluid bottom scrollbar for selecting various channels, and a history of videos that you have previously watched. One downfall is the fact that it lacks P2P technology, which may cause for major glitches later. via CrunchGear

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alysun alysun 9 years
hey in order to join joost you need to be invited. Does anyone have a membership who feels like helping me out with this one? Thanks
nitronat nitronat 9 years
Because I don't have cable in the dorm, I watch shows online that I like anyway. I like the bigger screen of the tv of course, but you gotta use what you have. Plus, there aren't commercials online (at least with the Daily Show and the Colbert Report as they're the only shows I really watch online).
ReidMorgan ReidMorgan 9 years
I sometimes watch my tv shows online and found I prefer to watch them on the television. If I miss a show or the dvr has no space left I'm grateful of the choice I do have to watch at my computer. If we are talking Heroes or Supernatural I'd watch online regardless because I'm a addicted rabid fangirl.
c0rkie c0rkie 9 years
i tend to catch up on shows i missed online anyway :) love it!
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