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Wii Fit: First Impressions

First Look at the Wii Fit and Rules for the Fitness Test

Yesterday, I hit the gym. . .I mean, the Wii Fit for a taste of what's to come in my 30 day Wii Fit Fitness Test. Although I wasn't expecting to break a sweat, I did have a nice dewy glow after trying out a few of the Wii Fit's features. My fave so far? Hula Hooping!

You may be wondering what rules I'll be setting for myself this month as I begin the 30 day Wii Fit Fitness Test. They are simple, but I can promise that I'll stick to them to give you the most accurate results possible. I'll even stop hitting the gym and make Wii Fit my only source of exercise for a full month! Am I scared? No. Cause even if I don't lose a pound, I'm sure I'll have a blast anyway.

To check out the rules and some of our initial reactions to a few of the games, just


So here are the rules: I'll be Wii Fit-ting for 30 minutes each day, maintaining a Fit Approved healthy diet (no extremes here!), as well as maintaining all other normal daily activities that I engage in now (walking to the bus, walking to the store, etc.). Plus, I'll include a weekly run down of my planned activities so if you get your own Wii Fit, you can join in! This should be a true test to whether or not this baby packs a weight loss punch!

To kick off the festivities, a few of us gathered around the flat screen and tried out the Wii Fit for the first time. After registering my height and birthday, WF weighed me in and gave me my BMI (body mass index) and goals to work towards. I have to admit that exercising with the Wii is way more fun than I anticipated, leaving me excited to hit the balance board again tomorrow!

Running with the Wii Fit has you holding the Wiimote in your pocket (or even your hand) while you run in place at different speeds with your guide as you jog through a scenic park. And once our tester was finished, he openly admitted that it was harder than expected.

Hula Hoop
I used to love my hula hoop when I was a kid, so this was totally fun for me! Just by rotating your hips, the Balance Board can sense your motions and has you twisting to catch more hula hoops to up your score. I was breathing harder at the end, so I can imagine that if you really put 100 percent into this exercise that you could get a pretty good ab and hip workout!

Tightrope Walking
Walking across a tightrope high above the ground isn't really anyone's idea of fun, unless it's on the Wii of course! Balance is the name of the game as you walk from one building to another dodging dangerous obstacles by jumping in the air and landing on the rope. . . without falling!

Skiing down hill was much much harder than I thought it would be. But truth be told, I'm not much of a skier in the first place! You must slalom through the gates at a good pace to get a great score. I definitely need to practice more of this in my 30 days!

Tune in next week for my first official diary entry as I take on the Wii Fit for a 30 day fitness test!

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