So far, me and the Wii Fit are good pals. He knows how to make me laugh, how to sweat, and shows me what I'm made of — we're a good pair. This week, although a few days short of a full seven days of dissecting WF, it was a good one. I can tell from the soreness in my hips and abs that the time put into perfecting my Hula Hooping skills is paying off. Additionally, I've found that my endless tree and warrior poses are indeed helping my flexibility! Who knew that in the first week I could feel this many results off of a game.

At first, I thought that I may get bored with the same games every day, but thankfully, every ten minutes you put in on the Wii Fit, opens up a new activity. And every time you repeat an activity, a new difficulty level challenges you for a better, longer, or harder workout. Last night I ran the moderate trail on my run and actually broke a bit of a sweat! No kidding! Although there's been no change yet to my BMI, I did have some fun and made a few technical notes along the way that may help you in your Wii Fitness journey. To find out what they are,


  • Use your Wii Fit on a hard surface or low pile carpeting to get the most accurate weight results. If you don't have either, try placing the Wii Fit on a plastic chair runner or place mat for the body test portion. Just remember to remove it after being weighed, so you don't slip!
  • You can log extra activity into your profile to add to your daily totals. From your profile page, click the graph, and then "Activity Log" to record your time at the gym, hitting the pavement, or even doing dishes!
  • You can skip the demo portion of the exercise by hitting "Try It."
  • Make sure to download the Wii Fit Channel to get a condensed version of some of the exercises.

I'll be serving up more great Wii Fit findings and tips this week, so stay tuned!