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Wii Fit Fitness Journal: Week Two

Wii Fit Fitness Journal: Week Two

I'm absolutely hooked on my Wii Fit, and I'm not ashamed to say it. Although I have yet to get a kick-butt aerobic workout like I do at my gym during cardio kickboxing, I'm finding myself to be more flexible than ever — plus, I think I even stand up straighter! My dominant workouts this week were yoga (I can't believe how much I'm loving it) and running. Taking on the Island Run for the first time was really fun, since I got to check out the lay of the virtual land (which is pretty sweet, by the way).

Plus, once you're finished with your jaunt that's worth 10 minutes in your Wii Fit Bank, you'll surely need that sweat towel (especially if you use my tip from last week to hold full water bottles or weights in your hands while you're running)!

And what was the nicest surprise I discovered? To find out just


But the nicest surprise, besides finding that I have more energy, is that my BMI is slowly trickling down the stat chart! Although it's not a significant difference, it surely is putting to rest any doubts I had about the Wii Fit being a fun and interactive weight loss aid. I'm stoked to see what the end results will be in two more weeks. But checking in with you newly addicted Wii Fit-ters — how is it going on your first week? Are you digging the yoga and hula hooping as much as I did? Tell us about your experiences, and share your tips in the comments below!

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