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Wii Sports Resort Released This Week: Are You Buying?

Wii Sports Resort Is Here! Are You Buying?

I still play Wii Sports on a regular basis, which makes me think that Wii Sports Resort will be a staple in my game playing rotation (stay tuned for the review!).

With 26 mini games (including wakeboarding, fencing and Frisbee) and cool new challenges in single player mode, Wii Sports Resort is made to be paired up with the Wii MotionPlus to make your gameplay even more accurate — which we all know comes in handy when you're attempting that pro level putting green.

For $45, you'll get the game and a free Wii MotionPlus sensor to boot. Not a bad price considering how much use this game is bound to get, eh?

hyzenthlay20 hyzenthlay20 8 years
Got it yesterday, and it is (dare I say it) more fun than the original Wii Sports! We spent probably 5 hours playing last night, with my bf and parents. The crowd fave was archery, in which we played all three levels, we were having so much fun! Swordfight is awesome, and I can hardly wait to play it with my friends at get togethers. I also loved the QuickDraw sword game, and my bf loved the flying games :) WAY FUN! I *highly* recommend Wii Sports Resort. And the hawaiian shirts are way cute.
kedawen kedawen 8 years
This does look really awesome! I'm not sure when I might get it though... This is the one with archery, right? That looks so cool.
Tishls Tishls 8 years
We are getting this for our daughter's bday this weekend! Can't wait to try it out.
bethinabox bethinabox 8 years
I want this! I won't be getting it anytime soon, but I definitely want to get it eventually.
pngwn pngwn 8 years
My son bought this the day it came out, and we love it! There is so much fun stuff to do. Some of the games are harder than others, but they are all fun. We spent the first day, taking turns because we didn't realize until later that evening that we could play 2 player and share the remote on quite a few of the games. I am still planning on buying another motion plus because we can't take advantage of any of the VS. games. Over all, a GREAT game. Lots of fun.
Zivanod Zivanod 8 years
I want it. It looks cool but am not paying $60! Is it a lot cheaper in the States? I should check and maybe I'll by it there when I am down next.
cherryblossom cherryblossom 8 years
YES!! i already have the motion pluses I bought them tuesday when they came out here!
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