Last week, I asked you what your selection for 2006 Gadget of the Year was and an alarming 50 percent of you said the Wii. The remaining votes went to the MacBook with Intel Core Duo chip, 22 percent; the new tiny iPod Shuffle, 10 percent; the Nike + iPod Sport Kit, 6 percent; the Playstation3, 5 percent, and finally, the Xbox360, 3 percent. The rest of you thought it was something else.

For My Top 10 Reasons Why geeksugar Voted the Wii Gadget of the Year, just

  1. It's girl friendly.- Unlike the more masculine Xbox360 and Playstation3, the Wii offers "sporty" games, instead of violent, blood-soaked testosterone-fests. It's pretty, petite and a lot smarter than the other consoles on the market.
  2. It forces you to get active.- Because of the design, which includes the wireless remote, gamers play most Wii games, standing up. Who doesn't want to do a little jig when they beat their opponent?
  3. It's innovative.- The wireless remote is a real step toward the future of video gaming. No one wants to be tied down.
  4. Can you say chic?- The console is as sleek as our other favorite gadgets, the MacBook and the iPod. It looks charming next to any TV and will make everyone you know drool.
  5. Wii Sports- When was the last time the game that comes along with a console was actually fantastic? Wii Sports offers five sporty games - tennis, baseball, golf, bowling and boxing. The games teach you to use the Wii-mote, and show off crisp and clean Wii graphics.
  6. Killer remote controversy- Despite reports that flying Wii remotes have destroyed TV sets, and Nintendo's recall of 3.2 million remotes so it can provide sturdier straps, everyone is still raving about the remote's amazing powers.
  7. The Legend Of Zelda: Twilight Princess- Oh Zelda my love, how I have missed you.
  8. It's inexpensive- Don't want to spend your entire rent on a Playstion3? Don't worry, the Wii is a fraction of the price.
  9. You can create your own mii-Miis are cartoon avatars, which represent you in some games, and will hopefully be used online too. You can make it look like yourself, or Clay Aiken. It's up to you, Wii-meister.
  10. The Wii browser- There's nothing greater than seeing geeksugar on the Wii Opera Browser. Enough said.

    Why do you love the Wii? Tell us below!