With all the talk about Android and iOS 4, you may forget that there is another kind of phone on the horizon: the Windows Phone 7. I got a chance to check it out for myself last week and immediately knew I was dealing with something fresh.

Unlike other app-based phones on the market today, the Windows Phone 7 comes with customizable tiles on the front page, bringing things like your favorite contacts, music, and calendars to your home screen. The look is super clean and totally unlike any other phone I've seen.

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The Windows Phone 7 has a lot going for it — it's quick, it has an all-in-one "People" page (which includes your contacts and all of their social media updates in one place), an Office hub, a built-in Zune player, and not only are the home screen tiles clean, but they're animated, so you get the latest info in real time. For example, if you have a photos tile on your home screen, it's automatically populated with the latest uploads from your friends from across the web. What's more, you'll get access to Netflix and Xbox Live (including your Xbox avatar) right on your phone!


But the clean new look doesn't exclude the Windows Phone 7 from having a few drawbacks. One being that the Windows Phone 7 can't copy and paste (we know what a big deal that was on the iPhone), and two, there's no real multitasking capabilities included. Being that this phone is from Microsoft, you'd think that these features would be top of mind when building a functional and fabulous phone. But despite Microsoft saying that it's still polishing up the final design, there is no sign that copy and paste will be included when it launches this holiday season.

Check out the demo video below and tell me what you think about the Windows Phone 7.