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Windows Phone 7 Ad

Is This Windows Phone 7 Ad Sending the Wrong Message?

I finally caught one of the Microsoft Windows Phone 7 ads on TV last night, and although I've seen it before, I realized just how confusing it may be. The commercial is a full minute long and features people going about their daily activities completely distracted by their phones. There's a commuter on a bike, a female jogger, a dude standing at a urinal, and more. The real issue for me is when the commercial shows a distracted mother not minding her toddler.

If you watch the video straight through, you get the message: Microsoft designed a phone that won't distract you. But if you don't catch the very end of the commercial — or if you watch it with the sound off — it's completely confusing and sends a total mixed message. What do you think? Check out the full video after the break.

bfromthehart bfromthehart 6 years
This advert airs in the UK and the same song is used in adverts for Alton Towers (a theme park, think Six Flags or Knott's Berry Farm). Therefore, people can get confused, especially if they glimpse at just one of the two rollercoaster scenes.
care0531 care0531 6 years
I think the commercial is HILLARIOUS! I think its telling the story of how distracted we are with everything the phones do for us and how they have become so dependable...they add a little humor to it and I think that is great! It has me interested in the phone and all of us talking about it so job well done!
dannyomo dannyomo 6 years
I like the "look" of the Metro interface on WP7 but I don't know that advertising the fact that "our phones are so good you won't even need to use it that much" is the way to go. People WANT to e engaged with their phones these days. Obviously not to the sense of some of the people in this commercial, but I'm always trying to find new, cool, practical, and fun things to do with my phone.
snarkypants snarkypants 6 years
i'd have a bigger issue with my surgeon being on the phone while operating on me than some random child! :P it's a commercial, not real life. duh.
Carri Carri 6 years
"It's completely confusing and sends a total mixed message"? How? It seems pretty straight forward to me. Talk about making something out of nothing.
ladybird213 ladybird213 6 years
I liked this advert
icecreamsprinkle icecreamsprinkle 6 years
I really like this commercial, and I don't think that the message is strange. As they say in the commercial, a phone that gets you in, out, and back to the real world. Not that I'll be picking up a windows phone anytime soon, but the advertising is good. Plus, here we are talking about it. That's brand interaction.
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