Winter is in full effect, and I don't know about you, but it's getting pretty cold in my neck of the woods. While I do travel with my gadgets quite a bit, I've learned that cold weather is not always friendly for my laptop. You may not realize it, but freezing temps can be just as dangerous — if not more so — to a laptop than the Summer heat since there are hidden dangers you can't see. Check out these five Winter weather tips that will help ensure your machine sees the light of Spring this year.

  • Keep it out of the trunk — Just like your cell phone, you'll want to keep your laptop out of the trunk for extended periods during cold days to prevent damage to the screen, and your hard drive from freezing.
  • If you must trunk it, keep it bundled up — If you absolutely must leave your laptop in your car in freezing temps, wrap it up in layers — like a jacket or sweater — to keep it warm. You can also find laptop warmers (which are specifically made for laptops) to keep it from getting icy if you live in cold conditions.

See the remaining tips when you read more.

  • Turn it off — Letting your laptop remain in sleep mode may keep it warmer (since the computer is still working), but it also increases your chances of damage if you're on the move. Be sure to power down all the way to keep your data safe.
  • Warm up before booting up — If your laptop is on the cold side, let it warm up to room temps slowly before turning it on. This will keep condensation and dew at bay, which can ruin your computer's sensitive guts.
  • Carry a charger — Cold weather sucks the life out of your batteries, so be sure to carry extra chargers in your car for emergencies.