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Wired Proposes: Gamer Gut Begone!

FitSugar is probably going to hate me for posting this cause she's a "get outside and go" kind of girl, but May's Wired Magazine features a fun little Game Gut Begone chart, which provides video game alternatives to more traditional workouts. While I'm not ready to turn in my gym card, the reminder that I am burning calories when I jump around playing video games is pleasing. One hour of DDR sounds like complete bliss.

Add some video games to your workout
Instead of.... Play...
1.5 hours of weight lifting (842 calories) 1 hour of Dance Dance Revolution (900 calories)
30 minutes of aerobics (242 calories) 30 minutes of wii boxing (250 calories)
20 minutes of jogging (198 calories) 1 hour of PS3/Xbox on the couch (204 calories)
15 minutes of sex (33 calories) 7 minutes of Wii Tennis (46 calories)

*Caloric expenditure is based on a 180-pound male. So clearly, caloric expenditure will vary.

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