I think we can all agree that there is nothing more unsightly than cords and wires tangled together in a charging mess. Designs like the Multipot, which combines a sleek light with a storage space for your small gadgetry, may hide the problem, but it doesn't solve it. Lucky for us Wild Charge claims its upcoming device will launch a "wire-free electric power revolution."

The company is set to begin selling the official WildCharger, a sleek ultra thin pad that delivers full power to the WildCharge enabled device resting on it, on July 7.

The device will supposedly help us cure the madness of cords, chargers, adapters and congested outlets for our mobile electronic devices by offering a single pad that does it all. All you'll need is an adapter for the WildCharge. No word on the price, but it has to cost less than the 6-Way Chargepod, which requires pricey separate adapters for each device.